Anne Hathaway Hathaway Took Dancing Scene Too Far

L actress has decided to have some fun with her dance partner, the realization of the cameras were not rolling yet. I opened my legs wide in a V, and I said, Fk Me co-producer and star Kate Hudson insists the X-Rated scene will be among the outtakes on DVD. A naughty dance scene in new film BRIDE WARS had to be cut when ANNE HATHAWAY took a little too far. At the end of it run up to my companion and I did a handstand at his feet and legs wrapped around his head and pulled me and then he grabbed my ass. Explains, My favorite part of the scene is cut of the film.

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Race Driver Grid

Driving Over 3 million top-spec car racing down the players download pipes, Codemasters today announced the launch of new premium downloadable content 8 Ball pack for Race Driver: GRID, the coup d racing game summer for video games and Xbox 360 system entertainment from Microsoft and PlayStation3 computer entertainment system. 4, from Xbox LIVE Marketplace and fromPLAYSTATIONNetwork. L 8 Ball pack will be available today, Thursday, Dec.

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Tv Review Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Alpine Fields

Taking that breath, though, the show is slower and much less exciting in recent rate. Well, is higher than in November, as are the sweeps, so the show has an opportunity to take a breath before the final fall next week. November was a crazy month for The Sarah Connor Chronicle; full of action, drama, and plenty of twists and turns. Thats not to say that the episode has no merit because it does, but there are some problems with it outside of the kind referred back to it.

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Smallville Will Doomsday Kill Clark

In Superman comic series, Doomsday is a villain who never managed to kill the Man of Steel. When it was announced that the first Doomsday would be appearing on Smallville, the question on everyone mind was whether the character would kill Clark. The death of course not t stick, but Superman has been gone for months before returning with an unfortunate mullet and strengthened the powers..

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Johnny Depp Favourite For Next Quot Batman Quot Villain

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie top favorites have emerged to play the villains in the next Batman film. According to Contactmusic, the duo was voted in a poll on-line as people favorites to play villains The Riddler and Harley Quinn in the next Batman, a follow-up of The Dark Knight last film. The online survey was conducted by DVD rental companies Blockbuster. .

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